Order Fulfillment


A Click Away from Processing Multiple Orders
Generate Bulk Shipping Labels
Easy to Navigate Platform
Simplified for the Users. Sophisticated behind the Scenes

SBSA EDI Sales / Fulfillment

Types of Partners: Retailers, Suppliers, Distributors, Grocers, ERP (Accounting), Logistic Companies.


Our technology offers automation in sales order processing issued by your customers, marketplaces, retailers, distributors, and ecommerce platforms. The process is smoothly synchronized with a variety of accounting systems (ERP), and logistic partners.


Order management as you’ve never experienced before. Process multiple orders simultaneously. Sort orders based on a variety of predefined preferences and generate bulk shipping labels with a click in a ready to print format. Easily manageable LTL shipments. Fully integrated with a large network of logistic carriers.


The system gathers the sales orders under one convenient to process screen. It sends back automatically order acknowledgements, tracking information (ASN), invoicing, and all necessary documents to your partners. Behind the scenes, the accounting records are done simultaneously.


We recognize that every business is strongly individual. It’s our priority to meet your particular needs.


On software level, the system operates the following way:


All of the sales orders are automatically recorded into the accounting software (ERP system)

We work with a variety of cloud or desktop based ERP providers. Some of our partners are QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and SAGE

The system checks if the customer exists, if it does, the new order is entered under the existing customer. If it's a new customer, the record is added to the system

The module records automatically sales orders that are coming from all of your sales channels

If the order is dropship / brokerage, the system automatically generates and records a purchase order. The purchase order process is ambitious and thoroughly designed to meet every step of your operations

of Duties

The system is designed to give access based on the employee role within the company. The system is highly customizable.


increased productivity


faster time to market


lower operational costs