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Retailers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

These types of businesses often require exchange of documents via EDI or API. It makes the business processes work in a smooth and synchronous way. EDI systems make possible handling of large volume orders. However, compliance becomes a serious issue over time. A various updates are done on regular basis. Your EDI system must meet the compliance requirements. This is where we come in place. SBSA Technologies provides an intelligent EDI and operational system that keeps your business compliant and decreases your exposure to errors.


E-commerce grows with a tremendous speed over the past years. It's forecasted that the retail B2C ecommerce will reach 22% share from the total global retail sales by 2024. The EDI and API integration with a variety of applications becomes more demanding than ever before. These integrations might cover logistics, ecommerce platforms, 3PL, inventory management, and ERP record keeping. The Synergy among these systems can be done using SBSA Technologies.

Grocery Wholesale

Grocery wholesalers that utilize retail sales channels have a significant demand for EDI systems. SBSA Technologies team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry. SBSA EDI Cloud-Based Platform also offers a large network of retail partners. This is a platform that can make a seamless management of your sales and brokerage order processing.

ERP, CRM, Inventory Systems, and Other Business Applications

SBSA Technology platform automates your record keeping by providing integration to the most popular ERP systems. It keeps your records synchronized with your business activities and free from human errors. The streamline of data exchange utilizes also a variety of applications that are meant to facilitate your business, such as CRM and inventory management system. Inquire with us and find out how we make your processes automated and easy to manage.

Shipping & Logistics

SBSA Could-Based Platform provides two types of connectivity to your shipping partners: EDI and API integrations. From small parcels shipped via UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL to large LTL and FTL orders, we got you covered. You will never type another address again. SBSA Platform offers automatic generation of packing slips, UPS and FedEx shipping labels, and BOL for LTL and FTL. Automatic tracking number generation is seamlessly sent to your retail customers. Logistic companies that use load tendering, we are here to help. SBSA technologies offers a full capability of Load Tendering. Additionally, historical value of the data is kept and easily recovered with a simple click. Inquire about the details.

3PLs and Warehouses

SBSA EDI Solution offers connectivity to many 3PL and WMS. You can integrate your order process with any 3PL available out there. It’s convenient and easy to implement. This will give your company numerous advantages, reduce your cost, and increase productivity. These types of warehouse management systems provide a convenient warehousing, inventory management, logistics, and fulfillment. Additionally, many of your vendors are very likely to optimize these services. If this is the case, we can connect your drop-shipments easily and help you develop smooth and perfect processes. 3PL and WMS work seamlessly with SBSA EDI Cloud-Based Platforms. Inquiry for more information.