Privacy Data
Non-repudiation of origin receipt

AS2 Encryption

SBSA Technologies, Inc. uses an embedded AS2 encryption when transmitting data to our network of business partners. AS2 is commonly used by vendors, retailers, distributors, logistic companies, and ERP systems. This type of encryption is the defined standard in the EDI industry.

IETF Security Standard

AS2 is a security standard guided by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). It’s designed to transmit data securely over internet among business partners. AS2 is commonly used by EDI providers. The standard specifies how to exchange structured business data securely.

Encrypted HTTP

A standard AS2 protocol message format consists of HTTP and Encryption Header Page, encrypted HTTP body, Signature package, functional document, and digital signature. AS2 insures the following key aspects of data security:

Data Integrity
Nonrepudiation of origin and receipt.

AS2 integration is a normally required by retailers. If not used correctly, vendors are treated with chargebacks for incompliance. SBSA Technologies AS2 will deliver the compliance and security that is required by your business partners.