SBSA Technology

The EDI automation that you can trust. This is a SYNERGY in the supply chain industry.

Automate order fulfillment, logistics, and operational processes among multiple warehouses and drop-ship locations.

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EDI Cloud Solution Platforms & Services

Transmit your EDI with confidence.

EDI Order Management

- Order Fulfillment.
- Brokerage / Dropship Orders.
- Logistics.
- Analytics.
- Data Security.

EDI VAN Cloud Solution

- EDI Access to the Entire
Global Network.
- AS2 /SFTP.
- Analytics.


- Proprietary Software
- Development.
- API Integrations.
- Workflow analysis.

Gain Access to the Entire Global Network

Access your national and international partners.
Connect easily to more than 350,000+ global partners.
Perfectly designed to accommodate small, midsize, and large enterprises.
Partner Categories:
- Trading Partners: Retailers, Suppliers, Distributors, E-Commerce
- Logistic Partners: Load Tendering EDI, API Intergrations to UPS, FEDEX, Freight Forwarders, LTL / FTL Carriers.
- API integrations with a variety of ERP, MRP, and CRM systems.
- EDI for 3PL.

Reliable and Secure

SBSA technical support staff is available to assist you at any time.
We maintain full compliance with all the retailers so you can avoid the extra non-compliance charges.
Your document communication is fully secure using AS2 and SFTP encryptions.

Programs Meant to Serve Your Business Needs

SBSA Order Management Platform is perfectly designed to accommodate small to large enterprises.
SBSA EDI VAN Cloud Solution is the right solution for you if your firm uses a proprietary software and needs to easily gain access to your network of partners.
SBSA is adoptable and ready to assist you with any additional EDI or API integration needs.
Business automation means cost efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced operations that can scale your business. - Reach out to us and inquire about our consulting services.

Great ideas come with great software.
Trust our expertise, it's extensive.


Simplified for Your Business, Sophisticated Behind the Scenes.

The process is simplified for your team and sophisticated behind the scenes. The implementation process takes between 3 to 14 business days. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to your company, who will walk you through the process and ensure that your operations are brought up to speed with the modern sales order handling process that SBSA Technology offers.

Implementation to SBSA Order Management Platform: Implementation to EDI Van Cloud Solution:
1) Complete the Questionnaire 1) Complete the Questionnaire
2) Request Demo (Optional). 2) Request Demo (Optional).
3) Receive a Quote. 3) Receive a Quote.
4) A dedicated account manager will be assigned to your team. 4) Receive access to the portal.
5) Our team will do the integrations behind the scenes. 5) Integrate yourself.
6) We will provide training to your team. 6) Support 24/7.
7) Support 24/7.
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64% increased productivity

78% faster time to market

74% lower operational costs