QuickBooks Approved Application.

SBSA Technology platform is a powerful system that has the capability to automate your accounting records with QuickBooks online or desktop versions. As an APPROVED QUICKBOOKS SOFTWARE PROVIDER, SBSA Technology functions as a hub between your fulfilment center and record keeping. QuickBooks approval designation is a lenghty process that tests an application for security, technical specificaion, and marketing aspects. SBSA Technologies aim to stick to the highest quality standards. You can search for us in the QuickBooks app store.

What are the key benefits of using SBSA Technology?

SBSA Technology EDI Cloud Based Platform offers the perfectly designed features that will boost your company growth.

Key Features:

  • Multichannel Sales Order Processing.
  • Bulk shipping labels generation.
  • Automated logistics.
  • Dropship purchase order processing.
  • Connect to more than 350000 retailers and business partners.
  • Automate record keeping with QuickBooks.

How the processes are handled?

SBSA Technologies offers automation in sales order processing issued by marketplaces, retailers, distributors, and e-commerce sales channels. The process is smoothly synchronized with a variety of ERP systems and logistic partners (small packages: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and over 150 lbs./LTL Carriers.) The system gathers sales orders issued by retailers, customers, and e-commerce under one convenient to process platform. It sends back automatically order acknowledgements, tracking information, invoicing, and all necessary documents to your partners.

SBSA Technology

Accounting and Record Keeping.

Orders issued by your company sales channels are received in SBSA Technology Platform.

Fulfillment and Shipping departments review the orders and prepare for shipping. This reviewal process may cover sorting and other preparational tasks.

Sales orders get recorded in QuickBooks as invoices. New Customers are recorded as new ones in QuickBooks. If an Existing Customer issued the order, the new invoice is recorded under the existing customer.

Shipping labels are generated for each order that is ready to be shipped. Tracking Information gets synchronized and updated in QuickBooks invoice.

Invoices and Tracking information are sent automatically to retailers, marketplaces, and other business partners.

The entire accounting process is done behind the scene without human involvement. This automation starts from one click of generating a shipping label. On software level, you will not be worrying again about issuing a customer invoice, updating tracking records with your business partners, or your QuickBooks record keeping.