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What is an EDI process automation

What is an EDI process automation

SBSA Technologies has developed an EDI Order Fulfillment technology that offers an alternative to the complicated traditional way of processing orders. SBSA has implemented a multichannel order management, automated  bookkeeping records,  logistics, and customer invoicing. It’s simplified for easier use but complicated behind the scenes.

The SBSA Technologies platform receives all of the sales orders digitally transmitted from all marketplaces and retailers under one convenient to manage dashboard. One click per order is enough to trigger the process.

The system automatically sends back order acknowledgments, tracking information, invoicing, and all necessary documents to your customers, marketplaces, retailers, distributors, retailers and eCommerce platforms. 

Additionally, smart labeling module connects behind the scenes with all of your logistic partners. This process automates generation of shipping labels, tracking information, and LTL BOL. 

This is a smooth and increasingly process. 

This is SBSA Technologies, It's time for synergy. 

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Written by Vince Ivanov, MBA 

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