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Optimizing Order Processing: The Power of Bulk Shipping Label Generation


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce and logistics, efficiency is the name of the game. For businesses dealing with high order volumes, finding ways to streamline the shipping process can save time, reduce errors, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. This is where innovative tools like the one developed by SBSA Technology come into play, offering a solution for bulk shipping label generation that revolutionizes the way orders are processed.

Bulk Shipping Label Generation: What is it?

Bulk shipping label generation is the process of creating multiple shipping labels at once for multiple packages or shipments. This task is particularly relevant for businesses engaged in e-commerce, drop-shipping, or shipping goods to customers. Rather than generating individual shipping labels one by one, bulk shipping label generation allows businesses to expedite the process, making it more efficient and less prone to human errors.

Key Steps in Bulk Shipping Label Generation

Here are the key steps involved in bulk shipping label generation:

1. Sorting of Orders and Items

Sorting is a fundamental aspect of any efficient shipping operation. SBSA Technology's innovation tool provides robust sorting options that empower businesses to group orders based on criteria that align with their unique needs:

  • Group orders based on item or UPC numbers.
  • Group orders based on the same shipping carrier.
  • Group orders based on order priority, such as shipping urgency or customer preferences.

This sorting flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor their shipping processes to match their specific requirements, ultimately leading to increased efficiency.

2. Preview and Verification

Once orders are grouped, the administrator has the opportunity to review the orders and identify any potential errors. The verification process is conducted at the administrator level and includes the following steps:

  • Verifying the number of boxes for each order.
  • Selecting the package style for all shipments with a single click or adjusting it individually.
  • Entering the weight of the first box and applying it to all selected orders within the group. While automation simplifies the weight selection, businesses retain the option to make individual adjustments.

3. Final Review and Processing

In this step, all grouped orders are displayed on a single screen. Administrators have a final opportunity to make any necessary changes before processing the bulk orders. Processing itself is a straightforward task, involving a simple click to execute the bulk order processing.

4. Shipping Labels and Packing Slips

The true magic of bulk shipping label generation happens here. Carrier shipping labels and packing slips are automatically generated when the bulk group of orders is processed. These labels and slips are conveniently organized in a PDF file, ready to be printed on a shipping label printer. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in labeling and packing.

5. EDI Files – ASN and Invoice

Automation takes center stage again when it comes to sending ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) and Invoice files to retailers. This process eliminates the need for human intervention, making it faster and more reliable.

6. ERP Accounting Records

Bulk shipping label generation doesn't just benefit the shipping department. The system automatically generates and records accounting data in the ERP system, ensuring that financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

7. Historical Data and Reports

Every individual order processed in bulk retains its own tracking information, which can be easily accessed from the history section within the software. Additionally, reports are continuously updated based on shipping activity, providing valuable insights for decision-makers.

Efficiency Through Automation

Efficient sorting and processing of orders and items are essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring the smooth operation of your business's fulfillment process. Automation and integration with appropriate software, such as SBSA Technology's bulk shipping label generation tool, can significantly streamline these processes, especially when dealing with high order volumes. By embracing these innovative solutions, businesses can stay ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce and logistics, delivering excellence to customers and optimizing their operations.


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