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Business Intelligence and Analytics in SBSA Technology EDI Platform.


What is the purpose of Business Intelligence Module? 

SBSA Technologies platform is designed to accommodate even the most sophisticated and data-oriented management and executive requirements. The business intelligence module (BI) provides real-time information as well as historical data for deeper analyses.

The main goal is to address different departmental requirements for information, which in turn can provide your company with sustainable and upward growth. The BI has been developed to assist executives, finance, management, budgeting, purchasing, marketing, and logistic departments. 


Real-Time Reporting vs. Historical Data. 

Real–time reports can be generated at any given time. They are perfectly designed to give you a snapshot of the company performance by revenue, sales channels, products, and marketplaces. It is a highly customizable analytic tool that brings informative analyses.

The BI is simple to manage for the users. However, it’s sophisticated behind the scenes.  Additionally, the platform allows users to extract data for further analyses. The files can be extracted to a CSV file, which are perfectly suitable for import to different analytical platforms.  

Real-time reports show precise information in the following categories: 

  • Operational standing in terms of sales order processing, backorders, and dropship purchases.  

  • Individual sales channel performance.  

  • Item sales by revenue, sales channel, and vendor. 

  • Logistic and carrier performance. 

  • Vendor performance. 


How Are Purchase Patterns Identified? 

Purchasing patterns can be easily identified using the BI tool that SBSA Technologies offers. The demand variations can be seen by combining historical data with real time data. The forecast of future sales is calculated using linear regression analysis.

This type of statistical prediction analysis is commonly used by more advanced users in every industry. There is a wide range of practical examples of the benefits, which we will not discuss in this article.  


Predictable Value and Linear Regression Analyses

Simply stated, the predictive capability of the SBSA Business Intelligent module can be easily used to streamline your operational, marketing, and budgeting needs. Historical sales are used to predict future sales using statistical tools like linear regression.

The proper segregation of data into a variety of categories like sales channels, item sales by channel, future sales demand, carrier usage, and vendor performance give remarkable insides of your business. Lastly, graphical representation of information is significant for better understanding. SBSA Technologies BI tool is well synchronized with graphical analysis. 


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Written by Vince Ivanov, MBA 

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